Maxillary Full-Arch Alveolar Split Osteotomy (ASO), Nasal Floor Augmentation (NFA), Bilateral Sinus Lift (SL) and Simultaneous Eight Implant Placement in a Severely Atrophic Maxilla Using a Mixture of Deproteinized Bovine Bone Mineral (DBBM) and Injectable Platelets Rich-Fibrin (i-PRF): a Case Report

Bone reconstruction (BR) and oral rehabilitation of atrophic maxilla is a complex issue. Techniques that have been used successfully for its reconstruction usually demand a second surgical site and/or a healing time of 6–8 months before implant placement.


The aims of this poster are: 1) present an advanced surgical case of BR of a severely atrophic maxilla, where was possible placing simultaneous dental implants using different advanced techniques of reconstruction in a 3-in-1 procedure, followed to its final prosthesis and 2) compare before and after the surgery, the maxillary bone height and width by cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan means.


A 73-year-old woman presented with severely maxillary alveolar vertical and width resorption. A thorough medical and dental history, followed by clinical examination was carried out . A CBCT scan was done for the assessment of height and width of the edentulous alveolar ridge, and to confirm the healthy of the nasal cavity and the maxillary sinuses .


Treatment plan included maxillary BR with: full-arch ASO, NFA, bilateral SL and simultaneous eight implant placement under general anesthesia. Follow-up visits were scheduled for a series of periodic evaluations and soft relining of her total denture, consisting of visits at 1 week after intervention, and at 1 , 3, and 6 months after intervention. Dental implants were followed clinically and radiographically to identify any sign of implant failure. After 6 months of submerged healing, another CBCT scan was made to evaluate the tridimensional bone gain . Then, a second surgery was performed to connect the trans-epithelial abutments. Sequentially, one month after the second surgery, the final prosthesis was placed .

Alexei G.A. Cavalcanti, DDS, MD, MSc

Initial radiograph
Radiograph Atrophic Maxilla
Final oral rehabilitation